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Henglian profile

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新疆福彩18选7玩法 www.njubj.icu Henglian Group is a paper based comprehensive holding company, the scope of business covers special paper, living paper, recycled cellulose membrane, cleaning materials, special cellulose, thermoelectric and other fields. At present, the group has formed three major industrial parks in Weifang, Feixian County and Yueyang. Over the years, the group relies on......[View details]

Technology center

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Henglian group technology center was founded in 1997, the company restructured by the group chairman personally served as technical director of the center, has become a perfect organization system, orderly operation of the papermaking and paper products R & D center, and in 2007 was identified as the provincial enterprise technology center. The group's technical......[View details]

Energy saving

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Henglian group attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection work, and gradually build up to build environmentally friendly, economical resources, s......[View details]

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